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The System of Eclectic Masonry or Eclectic Rite was compiled in 1776, at first, with fourteen degrees by the Baron of Ditfurth (Franz Dietrich von Ditfurth: 1738, Dankersen, Germany - 1813, Weser, Germany), being published in 1779, in Germany, renovated between 1782-1783 by the Baron de Knigge, (Freiherr Adolph Franz Friedrich Ludwig Knigge: October 16, 1752, Wennigsen, Germany - May 6, 1796, Bremen, Germany) . The Rite was also successful in Poland, Naples, Denmark, France and Switzerland. In Cisplatina and in the River Plate, the rite was installed in 1783, when the Great East of Uruguay and its Supreme Council - GOU-SC split and the foundation on April 19, 1882, of the Great East of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay - GOROU, immediately installing Shops, Chapters and Councils, under the command and direction of Dr. Justino Jiménes de Aréchaga and Rufino P. Ravía, among other Uruguayan Republican Freemasons .

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In Brazil, Eclectic Masonry and its philosophy was introduced in 1892 by Councilor Gaspar da Silveira Martins (Department of Cerro Largo, August 5, 1835 - Montevideo, July 23, 1901) , in Rio Grande do Sul, when he returned from exile from Europe. It also tells the story that Eclectic Shops and Chapters were installed under the command of Councilor Gaspar da Silveira Martins, General Gumercindo Saraiva (Arroio Grande, January 13, 1852 - Carovi, Capão do Cipó, August 10, 1894) , General Aparício Saraiva da Rosa ( Santa Clara de Olimar, at the time belonging to the department of Cerro Largo, currently of Treinta y Três, Uruguay - August 16, 1856 - Santana do Livramento, Brazil, September 10, 1904) and General João Nunes da Silva Tavares (Barão de Itaqui: Herval, May 24, 1818 - Bagé, January 9, 1906) , in the trenches of the Maragatos, Cerro Largo and Bagé, during the Federalist Revolution, (1893-1895) .   With the death of Gumercindo, in 1894, and with the return of Silveira Martins to Montevideo, the Eclectic Rite had an ephemeral duration in the Federative Republic of Brazil. Eclectic Lodges were suppressed by the Old and Accepted Scottish Rite. In the south of the country, the Rite was also known as Rite of the Illuminated, or simply, Rites of the Gasparistas.

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In 2020, a group of decorated Masons of Grade 33 of the Old and Accepted Scottish Rite and the Adonhiramite Rite decided to install again on Brazilian soil, along the lines of the old rituals of Germany (1783) and Cisplatina (1882) , the Supreme Great Chapter of Eclectic Masonry , Chief of Rite Workshop, with the purpose of disseminating and exploring the philosophy of the Eclectic Rite.

We are a family owned and operated business.


We are a family owned and operated business.

The Supreme Grand Chapter of Freemasonry Eclectic is a Masonic, autonomous, sovereign and independent power, regular, legal, legitimate, theistic, initiative, progressive and evolutionary, with its constitutive acts registered in the Registry of Titles and Legal Entities Documents of the District from Ribeirão Preto, Chief Workshop, regulator and supervisor of the High Philosophical Bodies of the liturgy of the Eclectic Rite, with administrative and disciplinary ancestry over the organs and bodies that are subordinate to him. Its philosophical structure comprises: Loja da Marca; Great Eclectic Chamber; Sublime Eclectic Chapter; Eclectic Council of Kadosh; Sovereign Council ; which are generically called Liturgical Workshops. The administration of the Sovereign Grand Chapter is chaired by its Grand Regent.

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2nd Class - Brand Store

Grade 4 - Brand Master

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3rd Class - Large Eclectic Chamber

Grade 5 - Secret Master

Rank 6 - Knight of the Royal Arch of Solomon

Grade 7 - Master of the Perfect or Perfect Triangle and Sublime Mason

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4th Class - Sublime Eclectic Chapter

Rank 8 - Knight of the Sword

Grade 9 - Sovereign Prince Rosa-Cruz

Grade 10 - Patriarch Noaquita

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5th Class - Kadosh Eclectic Council

Rank 11 - Prince of Lebanon

Grade 12 - Saint Andrew's Scottish Knight

Rank 13 - Knight Kadosh of Heredon

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6th Class - Sovereign Council

Grade 14 - Grand Inspector General

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